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CYBERNETICS INDUSTRIES, INC. (CI2) was founded as a computer company in 1988 and later incorporated in the year 1993 as a wholesale distributor of durable goods to the federal, state and local governments.  Our clients are, also, K-12 and higher education, industrial, oil and gas, Petro-Chemicals, transportation, as well as Commercial customers.  CYBERNETICS INDUSTRIES, INC is also a leading provider of technical and professional consulting servicing those same industries. 

     CYBERNETICS motto is: “Applying Technology along with Solutions”

 CI2 understands that the reason clients utilize our services is the approach to solving their problems within a Timely, Safe manner with focus on high Quality

    1.  We begin by identifying the problem or project initiation.

    2.  Identify Criteria and Constraints.

    3.  Research the Problem.

    4.  Develop Possible Ideas & Solutions.

    5.  Explore and Select the Best Possibilities.

    6.  Select an Approach.

    7.  Review the Approach with the client for buy in.

    8.  Build a Model or Prototype.

    9.  Test and Evaluate.

    10. Redefine the Design.

    11. Create, Make or Build the Solution.

    12. Inspect & Commission the Solution.

    13. Communicate the Results.

    14. Implement the working solution.

                QUALITY AT ITS BEST